What is fast charge?


What is fast charge? Everyone must remember the original OPPO slogan that spread throughout the streets: "Charging for 5 minutes, talking for 2 hours", also from the time when fast charging technology began to rise in the mobile phone industry.

TYPE C fast charge data cable Until today, almost all smartphones come standard with fast charging technology, and with the development of QC1.0, 2.0, 3.0 to 4.0 and other high-pass and PD fast charging technologies, the charging time of mobile phones has become shorter and faster. Soon. What is fast charge?

At this time, many people have questions: Will fast charging damage the battery life of mobile phones? Why does the body heat up badly every time I charge?

First of all, the answer: fast charge will damage the battery life of mobile phones. Conventionally, both fast charging and normal charging can cause damage to battery life, but fast charging is larger than normal charging, but it is still safe and reasonable.

What is fast charge?

1, the concept of fast charge technology

People who have studied physics understand that machine charging generally involves three concepts of power, voltage and current, and the relationship between them is: in the case of a certain battery power, power means both charging speed and power. The larger the charging time, the shorter the power is, and the power is determined by the current and voltage.

So the principle of fast charge technology is nothing more than three:

The first type: low-voltage fast charge, that is, boost current when the voltage is constant

The second type: high-voltage fast charge, that is, boosting the voltage when the current is constant

The third type: simultaneously increase the voltage and current for fast charging

Taking the charging principle of the iPhone as an example, it is: firstly, the voltage of the household 220v is reduced to 5V by the charger, and is converted into 4.2v or 4.4v by the step-down circuit of the mobile phone, and the energy lost during the conversion process is converted. The heat is generated, which is why the body charging occurs when the phone is charged.

2. Is the fast charge mainly the line or the head?

Fast charging must have three factors at the same time: mobile phones, charging heads, and data lines that support fast charging.

Mobile phone users who have used fast charging technology know that in the past, ordinary mobile phone charging devices could not support fast charging, and if you want to charge quickly on mobile phones that support fast charging, you must use the official original charging plug and data cable. What is fast charge?

Assuming that the charging plug and the data line do not support fast charging, then the transmitted voltage and current naturally cannot achieve any of the above three principles, and it is impossible to achieve fast charging.

So why do you have to use the official original charging plug and data cable? First of all, the products of the current mainstream mobile phone brands have customized different solutions under Qualcomm QC fast charging technology. For example, vivo's VOOC flash charging, one plus, etc., it can be said that each mobile phone manufacturer has its own fast charging solution, some conservative, and some unrestrained, so try to avoid the data line and plug between different brands to quickly mix and match. What is fast charge?

Small head and small line can be used to charge large mobile phones, but big mobile phones with large lines and small mobile phones have circuit chip protection, but it is also difficult to protect them. Secondly, for the third-party charging plugs and data lines on the market, the brand is not good, the quality of the products is not guaranteed, and it is impossible to pass the official test. Therefore, such third-party charging is more dangerous, and the current mobile phone charging explosion often occurs. Most of the accidents are caused by third-party plugs and data lines charging.

Fast charging damages battery life is inevitable, but within a safe range, you can use it with confidence. Now that you understand the technical principle of fast charging, then it is much simpler to understand whether fast charging will damage the battery life.

Whether it is fast charging or normal charging, it will cause irreversible damage to the battery.

The fast charge uses the voltage increase or the current increase. When all the mobile phones are charged, the more heat generated by the charging plug and the mobile phone circuit board, the greater the power consumption, and the damage to the battery is also more common. The charging is bigger and the body heat is more serious.

But since all mobile phone manufacturers around the world recognize and popularize this fast charging technology, it means that fast charging technology is absolutely safe to use. After all, if mobile phone manufacturers choose between user security rights and high technology, users are still the first.

Fast charging method

At present, there are many technologies for protecting batteries in mobile phones, such as temperature protection, short circuit protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, etc., all of which have the ability to protect batteries.

The danger of playing mobile phone while charging

However, only the efforts of mobile phone manufacturers are not enough, and the legitimate use of users is also crucial. After all, they have to die, and God can't stop it. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone use the mobile phone while charging, so as not to cause a safety accident.